Universiti Utara Malaysia Open Channel 2020

UUM Open Channel Online Application Form


1. All applicants must upload their supporting documents into the online application. If you apply for more than one programme you will need to upload your documents separately for each programme.

2. DO NOT submit documents not required for your application. This may cause unnecessary delays in your application.

3. There must only one file uploaded for each type of document. For example, a transcript of records; all pages have to be uploaded together as one file. You are advised to compress the documents using https://www.ilovepdf.com/compress_pdf and if your documents are more than 1 page, please combine first using https://combinepdf.com/ before compress and upload it into the system.

4. All uploaded documents must in JPEG and PDF format and NOT more than 2 MB.

5. If the documentation is not in English or Malay language, it must be officially translated to the English Language. Both translations and originals must be uploaded in one PDF file.

6. Latin alphabet only allowed for the file name and don't use special characters like ', _"*$%@ ?>#.

7. The submission of fraudulent documents is illegal and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

8. A check of the authenticity of your documents will be done after your arrival at UUM. If the application information given is false, UUM has the right to withdraw the offer of admission.

9. By applying to UUM you agree to allow UUM to verify the authenticity of your documentation. UUM maintains the right to contact any government bodies, agencies, institutions or associations in order to verify your documentation.

Application Procedures

Each application should enclose a processing fee of RM100 (Malaysian Applicant) /USD35 @ RM125.00 (Asean Applicant)/ USD50 @ RM175.00  (Non ASEAN Applicant). Payment in USD only applicable for payment made outside Malaysia.

Method of Payment

  1. Online payment via e-commerce (e-com) >please click this link :----->https://e-com.uum.edu.my/home.aspx
  2. . Choose payment mode credit card (Mastercard/Visa) or FPX (if you are an internet banking user). Attach the printed receipt to the application form; or
  3. At any branch of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) use the using Bill Payment Slip. Specify payee code 003 in the column pay for in the Bill Payment Slip; or
  4. Where there is no BIMB branch, payment can be made by Money Order in favour of Bendahari Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Please take note, the  February 2021 / 2022 Intake will be  OPENED for new registration on 25 November 2020 until 28 February 2021.
Thank you.


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